Friday, August 13, 2010

L'Occitane Haul @ Ion Shopping Centre !!!

In celebration of their 1st Anniversary at Ion Shopping Centre, L'Occitane had a special in-store promotion for the Ion outlet for 3 days. It was never in my plan to pay a visit to the Ion outlet as i figure it would be very crowded as it is rare for L'Occitane to have such irresistable offers in Singapore and not to mention i am currently on a skincare and makeup ban (a self-imposed ban).

However, after a unpleasant experience at the IPSA counter at Tangs Orchard which damped my mood for the day, i thought might as well pop by L'Occitane to have a look.

Well, a look turns out to be a haul... as you can see yet it is not just any good offer but a really good one.

Let me tell you why...

First of all, with any purchase nett S$80.oo, one could get a full sized Golden Olive Luminous Body Cream free (usual price S$75.oo for 250ml) and with any purchase of the Verbena range except for the soap, you can enter a sure-win lucky draw, whereby there is a wooden cart outside the store and there are, i think 4 locked wooden crates on the cart. There is a small basket with some keys in it, all you have to do is just to pick one and open the crate/box that the key fits, and whatever is inside is your gift.

Interesting, right?

Its a little gimmicky but i fell for it anyway, especially i have always had a fondness for L'Occitane's products.

So there, i bought the Immortelle Eye Balm (which i need to use like right now, honestly) and the Citrus Verbena Revitalizing Mist which can be used on the face and the body.

As luck would have it, i picked the key to the biggest wooden box which holds the full-sized Golden Olive Shower Cream (250ml). Yeah! Lucky!

My Mini Haul.

Immortelle Eye Balm- S$64.00 for 15ml.

Citrus Verbena Revitalizing Mist-S$41.00 for 125ml.

Luminous Body Cream with Olive Extracts (Retail price S$75.oo for 250ml) and Golden Olive Shower Cream (Retail price S$35.oo for 250ml).

My purchase came up to a total of S$105.oo and my free gifts' value came up to be approximately a S$100.oo (retail price).

So i say, it's quite worthy a haul, isn't it?

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