Friday, August 13, 2010

Review: Burt's Pore-refining Mask with French Green Clay

I was never into drugstore beauty remedies (due to my somewhat sensitive skin condition), i am really cautious about trying on things that looks interesting enough to stir the adventurous daredevil in me, yet the prudent skeptical me said coldly "Do you really want something interesting to happen?".

More than often, i was in a dilemma, torn between wanting to try new stuffs yet in the meanwhile having to worry about the possible side effects that it might bring about. So, i did some researches on my part, be it through forum, blogs review, anything possible sources of information, before i part with my money willingly for the purchase.

This Burt's Pore-refining Mask with French Green Clay was a present from a friend last Christmas. As usual, i did my homework on the researching of this product, there are a lot of raves from forums such as Makeup Alley. Since i have finally used up my last tube of Origins Clear Improvement Mask, i figure this is a good time to try out Burt's Pore-refining mask.

The simple cardboard box that houses the jar of mask.

Packaging-wise, the Green Clay mask is housed in a fuss-free thin cardboard box which comes with a small plastic scoop (for you to mix the powder with water later on), and the Green Clay mask actually comes in the form of powder. Interesting : ) I rather like the aluminium or tin cap of the jar, it has a rustic feel to it.

The green powder fills up 3/4 of the Jar.

The Mask comes in a light green colored powder form which is very fine in texture. Upon smelling it closer, it has a noticeable minty green tea kind of fragrance. It does possess a rather antiseptic cleanliness feel to it which i don't really mind at all.

A closer look at the green powder mask.

Application instructions and tips given.

Application-wise, according to the instructions printed on the side of the carton, i am supposed to add enough water to a tablespoonful of the mask to create a thin paste to apply on my face. The question is how much water is enough water? After various application and quite a few trial and error, i say just a add a little water each time, stir it then add some more as you go along to obtained the desired consistency (which is a slightly runny but thin paste). Besides that, 1 tablespoonful is actually way too much (just right for 2 people), so i wasted quite a bit of the mask on my first try, besides covering my entire face and neck i still have enough for my sister to try it on. 1/2 a tablespoonful or slightly a little more is definitely enough to go around.

The carton also stated a few other ways of mixing the mask, i might decide to try them later.

Upon application, the mask (already mixed with water) has a strong medicated minty scent that might prove to be too strong (really strong-i am in the bedroom and my mom in the living room can smell it) for those who are not used to strong scented products. One would expect the mask to be harsh then, yet surprisingly there isn't any stinging on my face but a refreshing cool minty feeling which i simply adore.

I rinsed off the mask approximately 10 mins later using my Bodyshop soft facial sponge which makes the removal of the dried mask effortless. My pores looked cleaner, clearer and perhaps a little smaller (observations after a few usage), my face doesn't appear flushed or irritated (as stated on the carton), my moisturizer is absorbed faster than usual. I would say its a good gentler alternative to my Origins Clear Improvement mask which has a subtle scent compared to Burt's Pore-refining Mask with French Green Clay.

Would i buy it in the future when this jar runs out?

You Bet!

Priced at S$15.00 for 28g. Available at Sephora Singapore- Ion Shopping Centre, Takashimaya Shopping Centre and Great World City Shopping Centre.

Main Ingredients:

List of Ingredients- All natural and mostly of plants origins.

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