Saturday, August 21, 2010

Review: The Body Shop Rainforest Shine Shampoo and Conditioner

I just received an email from The Bodyshop regarding the upcoming Eco-conscious Rainforest Hair Care range a few days ago, and i was quite keen on sampling the product after having read descriptions of the range on the email.
"Highly Biodegradable. No Silicones. No Sulphates. No Parabens. No Colourants."
This Eco-conscious range is a first for Bodyshop and that sounds really good and natural, hair care that sounds right up my alley, thus i went to the nearest Bodyshop store the very next day to obtain a sample of it.
The Eco-conscious Rainforest Hair Care Range.

Moisture Range of Hair Care for Dry Hair-Shampoo, conditioner and i think Hair treatment.

Radiance Range of Hair Care for Coloured Hair-Shampoo and Conditioner.

Shine Range of Hair Care for Normal to Dry Hair- Shampoo and conditioner.

Balance Range of Hair Care for Oily Hair- Shampoo and Conditioner.

The Satchet that i received.

Rainforest Shine Shampoo- 8ml.

Rainforest Shine Conditioner- 8ml.
There are a total of 4 lines catering for all hair types, i guess there is something for everybody.
As for me, i received a satchet (8ml each for both Shampoo and conditioner) from the Rainforest Shine range which is meant for normal to dry hair type. I don't really know if different people will get to receive different samples from different range, maybe only the Rainforest shine satchet samples will be given out (perhaps most of us have hair types that falls under that category and so the standardised sample given).

Texture of the Shampoo-a clear transparent liquid.

Texture of the Conditioner-a milky white cream-like gel.

Packaging-wise, as i do not have the final commercial product in my hands, based on the picture in the promotion poster, it seems to resemble the long-ish bottle from the Well-Being range.
Personally, i prefer shampoo that comes with pump- easier to handle, no more slip of the hand.
Now, scent-wise the Rainforest Shine Shampoo is one of my favourite, it is subtle, perhaps event a hint of sweetness and grass. It smells absolutely divine! The conditioner's scent is a toned down version of the shampoo. Very natural spa-like. It doesn't linger around much, so its both good and bad, depends on how you see it.
The texture of the shampoo is a little more watery that the others that i have used, perhaps its due to the formula and i do notice that it doesn't lather as easily as others, the reason could be due to the "No Sulphates" rule. That didn't bother me abit, just that i will be finishing a bottle of shampoo at a faster rate. The consistency of the conditoner on the other hand is like those of others in the market, its a milky white.
After 1 usage (i figure 1 satchet is just sufficient for 1 usage- that's why its called sampling), personally i felt that the shampoo is one of the gentler version among the existing shampoo range, such as the Nettle Oil Balancing Shampoo, Olive Glossing Shampoo and the Ice Blue Shampoo that i have used in the past. It's quite mild.
The conditioner on the other hand, doesn't felt like the others that i have used in the past, my hair is not so "slippery" and "silky" (maybe due to the absence of silicones), having said that doesn't mean the quality of the conditioner is not there. I like the way that my hair smoothens in a more natural way that i know isn't due to the excessive chemicals contained in the conditioner.
All in all, i would say this is a product range that i will definitely be eagerly waiting for its launch.
I need to test drive it for a longer period of time, to give a truer and fairer review of it, but as of now, personally i like it as a whole.
So, i will be waiting for its lauch on 30th of August 2010 in Singapore!
Priced at S$16.90 for 250ml (both Shampoo and Conditioner, not too sure about the hair treatment item from the Rainforest Moisture range for dry hair)
However, it will be available at a introductory price of S$12.90 on the launch date- 30th August.
List of Ingredients:

List of ingredients of Rainforest Shine Shampoo.

List of Ingredients of Rainforest Shine Conditioner.

Upcoming Promotion for the Launch of the Eco-conscious Rainforest Hair Care Range.

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