Monday, February 25, 2013

Review: Dr Murad Age Reform Refreshing Cleanser

Today, I will be talking about this cleanser from Dr Murad that I have been test driving it for 2 months or so.

Murad Refreshing Cleanser- 200ml or 6.75fl oz.

Basically, I have been hearing a lot of good stuffs about products from Murad and since opportunity arises when I was looking for a replacement for my cleanser, I took it as a sign to try out the Refreshing cleanser from Murad.

According to the description, it is supposed to be able to:
1. Remove surface impurities ( I gather oil and dirt) and makeup, keeping the skin soft and smooth
2. Reverse visible signs of ageing to reveal younger looking skin.

Typical tube packaging.

                                                                  Comes with a seal.

Okie, it seems to me that not only it can cleanse the skin as a basic no frills cleanser can, it can also double up as a makeup cleanser. Sounds good if you ask me, especially since I am fond of the fragrance of the cleanser. It is quite strong but in a soothing kind of way, it dissipated as soon as you rinse it off your face.

We are all no stranger to anti-ageing eye cream, face cream, serum and whatnots, however anti-ageing cleanser seems a little too much for me to take in (for something that is only going to stay on your skin for 2 minutes, I don't think whatever constitutes the anti-ageing properties is going to have the time to penetrate beyond the surface of the skin).

So, how well did the cleanser fare?

Not very impressive if you ask me. Considering the original price of the cleanser is a princely S$
65, I expect it to be able to at the very least remove traces of makeup well. But, it did not. No doubt, I felt pampered using it as a normal cleanser, I can't say the same for its performance in terms
 of removing makeup. A second round of removal using my makeup removal is definitely 

Pencil Eyeliner swatches

Cleanser in action


Secondly, I don't buy the gimmick how a cleanser can do "anti-ageing" stuff. Nope, I don't notice any reduction of visible signs of ageing, fine lines let alone younger skin. I think maybe what they are trying to say is that the cleanser is able to remove dead skin cells better during cleansing, which I do admit that my skin felt softer and never stretched or taut after washing.

My 2 cents worth about this....... I actually like it as a basic cleanser (except the bit about the price).....You know the kind that doesn't dry out your skin and you can just hop on the bed and hit the sack straightaway. It doesn't perform up to my expectations.

Personally, I would not be repurchasing this product when I run out of it as it's performance is unable to meet my expectations of it and for a cleanser to cost this much, it should at the very least be able to remove makeup efficiently.

Priced at S$65.00 (was told so then by the Beauty Advisor, I got mine at a purchase with purchase promotion at S$40 for every S$60 spent or something) for 200ml or 6.75fl oz, available at Metro Paragon.

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