Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review: Ciate Wait Unitl Dark and possible dupes

This is a post that is way long overdue, i might have as well forgotten all about it until i was trying to reorganise my nail polish stash. I would like to take this opportunity to thank a friend, Mr J for updating me on beauty related news and for his generosity in gifting me stuffs from time to time.

Now, introducing Ciate Paint Pots in Wait Until Dark.....

Ciate Paint Pots- Wait Until Dark.

This is such a cute bottle, something totally different from the usual "OPI" kind of packaging, you know brands such as "China Glaze", "Orly" and well perhaps a few more others sport the similar roundish bottle and fat rounded cap. With a cute black bow attached (by glue) to the bottle, one can't help but be drawn to it (and yes, cute bow is a girl thing). The long handle makes it easier to twist the cap from the bottle, plus the rectangular packaging actually save space during storage (minimum storage wastage).

 Side view of the bottle.

 Wait Until Dark- 13.5ml. made in France.

Quantity-wise, Ciate nail enamel contains 13.5ml which is a little lesser than OPI's standard 15ml, but then again i have not known anybody who can finish her bottle of OPI yet. I am just halfway through my OPI's Tickle my Francey with my frequent usage. Personally, i am contented with the amount as i do try to rotate among my stash if i can help it.

It is a breeze applying Wait Unitl Dark, the formula is slightly thinner than the standard OPI's formula, yet application is smooth and it took 2 coats to obtain decent opacity and 3 coats for total opacity which is pretty much standard. Drying time for Ciate nail enamel is pretty fast, and no smudges once the color sets and dries.

Now, what wow me is the color..... when i cast my first glance upon it, i thought this is such a dupable color and i should have no problem spotting similar shades in my stash. I was wrong.

In the bottle, Wait Until Dark sports a resemblance to OPI's Eiffel for This Color from the France Collection 2008. However, the resemblance stops the minute i pulled EFTC out from my stash and placed them side by side each other.

Eiffel for This Color is a burgundy wine red while Wait Until Dark is a vampish dark blackish purple with subtle shimmer in it. Then, i thought maybe Lincoln Park after Dark might be its dupe, and so i pulled it out, only to realise that mine is the suede edition, which i applied a top coat after the nail color settled thinking that i might be able to create the dupe (as i have seen on several blogs, OPI suede's coloring does get darker and more beautiful if a top coat is applied to it, totally alter the look). Lincoln Park after Dark (suede with top coat) has visible shimmer and appears more purplish.

As one can see in the photos below, i have nothing in my stash that resembles WUD totally, at the most they are considered "distant cousins", not really "family".

Well, i would love to snag more of Ciate's nail enamel, if they are more widely available.

 Ciate Paint Pots Nail Enamel in Wait Until Dark- no chipping at all even when i am done doing the household chores.

 Love the color.

 OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark Sude.

 See the visible shimmer in the bottle.

OPI's Eiffel for this Color (France Collection,2008).

It's purplish red made me think that it might be a dupe for WUD.

 L-R: OPI Lincoln Park after Dark Suede (with top coat), Ciate Wait Unitl Dark, OPI Eiffel for this Color and Ciate Wait Until Dark (2 coats each).

 L-R: OPI Lincoln Park after Dark Suede (with top coat), Ciate Wait Unitl Dark, OPI Eiffel for this Color and Ciate Wait Until Dark (2 coats each).

Note: Ciate's Wait Until Dark is gifted by a friend, i doubt its available locally in the stores.

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