Saturday, June 16, 2012

Review: The Body SHop Chocomania Shower Cream

I love chocolate, so much so that i can eat it almost everyday if my waistline ever stops expanding. : )

Sometimes the mere thought of it makes me happy, and of course not forgetting the monthly craving for it (you girls know why. ; ) ).

 Much as i can't live without it (yes! Chocolate addict here), to bathe in it or rather something that smells totally like it is a different matter all together.

I happen to come across Chocomania Shower Cream as part of a GWP from The Body Shop, it is something that i am keen to try as it deviates from the usual floral, fruity or musky churn ups that one usually see from The Body Shop. Receiving as part of the GWP naturally spiced up the purchase i made then.

                                                    The sinful Chocomania indulgence.

The Chocomania Shower Cream by The Body Shop has to be the weirdest thing in my stash. Packaged in the typical Body Shop shower bottle, it is nothing out of the normal really, however the creamy glistering brown molten liquid that the bottle house looks like its good enough to drink (No, i am NOT that crazy yet).

The rich chocolate brown seems like a good nail color (which i wonder if it will ever work on the nails).

When i lifted up the cap in the bath room, i was caught by surprise by the strong chocolate scent, a tad too strong i would say. Was hesitant to pour it on the bath lily as i don't want to wake up in the middle of the night bitten by ants drawn to the confectionary scent.

Of course, curiosity caught up with me and yes i bathe in it. True enough, my mother who was in the kitchen could catch the scent of the the shower cream and asked what i am doing in the bathroom (???).

Personally, i find it more moisturising than the usual shower gels from The Body Shop, while the scent is strong straight from the bottle, it subsided relatively fast when i am out of the bathroom. It rinses fairly easily too which i like.

Interestingly, i found 2 ants on my arms the next morning when i woke up...... 

Would probably buy it if i were on a No-chocolate diet......
List of ingredients.

Available at S$14.90 for 250ml at all The Body Shop stores (Limited Edition).

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  1. haha I know the smell is way too strong but I just can't stop smelling it! :D I'm such an addict. Nice post btw :)