Saturday, April 14, 2012

Something Random....... Totally WICKED......

I wasn't a musical inclined person and wasn't planning to catch "Wicked" inititally until my BFF declared her strong liking for it and even told me that she is going to watch it for the second time.

Therefore, "Wicked" here i come..... and yes, i share her exact same sentiments, i like it!

My favourite character-surprise surprise...... Madame Morrible! For her coulture-like dresses and funny way of speaking.

Catch it in Marina Bay Sands while you still can, till 22nd of April 2012.

 The paperbag that holds the T-shirt i bought.

 Ways to go green!

 The Wicked T-shirt (orgainc cotton)- its at a special price S$25 down from S$40, and as a special Easter surprise..... a free bottle!

Love the green!

We have the Australian cast here instead of the Broadway cast:
1.Jemma Rix as Elphaba
2.Suzie Mathers as Glinda
3.Bert Newton as The Wizard
4.David Harris as Fiyero
5.Anne Wood as Madame Morrible
6.Glen Hogstrom as Dr. Dillamond
7.Elisa Colla as Nessarose
8.James D Smith as Boq

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