Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fragrance of the Moment: The Different Company Osmanthus

Osmanthus by The Different Company is the next niche fragrance that i have gotten after Serge Luten's Ambre Sultan. And i had the good fortune to get it during a sale which i hauled along a few other fragrances, hopefully i will be able to review them if i have the chance to.

Some background on Osmanthus, the fragrance is composed by the current nose of Hermes fragrance, Jean-claude Ellena and was launched in 2001. Osmanthus is a feminine fragrance and according to the description on The Different Company's website, it is a delicate and musky floral fragrance.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Green Notes.
 Middle Notes: Osmanthus, Jasmine, Geranium.
Base Notes: Musk, Rose.

I have not had the fortune of smelling Osmanthus the flower personally and thus i am absolutely clueless on how it is "supposed" to smell like. Hence, i am just going to give my honest 2 cents worth in my layman terms......

My very first fragrance from The Different Company.

The Second layer of packaging- which i think is not necessary, perhaps they hope that it will add a extra "luxurious" touch to the packaging.

The fragrance nicely and safely housed in a more sturdy cardboard box.

The fragrance contained in a thick hefty glass bottle.

Top, middle and base notes printed on the bottle.

Packaging has never been something that fragrance companies will spare expenses on it, afterall it is the very first thing that catches the attention of consumers like you and i . True enough, the Osmanthus is housed in a thick heavy glass bottle, with silver spray cap that you can screw open to pour in refill of the fragrance and of course, you have a list of the top, middle and base notes printed tastefully on the bottle (which constitutes part of the design of the product). However, what i am rather skeptical is that the silver cap does not screw securely onto the bottle if you do not use quite a bit of force (i had the good mind to carry my fragrance in its upright position, as i found that the cap is not secured properly when i reached home). Imagine if i let it loose in my bag as i usually do..... that would be very very expensive wastage and i would very much prefer me than my bag smelling good. Other than that, niche fragrance, luxurious packaging.

Now, how should i even begin to describe this fragrance.....

Osmanthus is nothing like what i have in my current stash, i always like that when i am fragrance scouting, hunting or seeking. I mean what is the point of having fragrance A that smells like fragrance B and also like fragrance C, D and E that is in your stash. One can be adventurous in very few things in life, and fragrance is one of them. Yes, it is different...... yet it is not very special in the sense that i am totally captivated by it. Osmanthus is a delicate and demure lady who is properly educated in manners and the way of the world, never exposed to the vulgarity in life, she never shouts nor laugh out loud, but only to speak in hush and smile. 

A very gentle fragrance to wear if you do not wish to offend people around you and they can only smell it on you if he/she leans very close to you. Yes, Osmanthus is that polite and is someone who easily makes people comfortable around her.

On me, Osmanthus smells of white tea floral, a little soapy like, somewhat woody, it does not last more than a couple of hours on me to which i am utterly confused as i have not encountered a fragrance that does not last at least a few good hours on my skin ( i have oily skin). It smells watery and fades away very fast, which i do not expect from a niche fragrance house at such a price point (if one buys it at full retail price, it would cost more than a 100ml Chanel eau de parfum of anything, be it Coco or No. 5). 

Much as i appreciate and like how quiet, clean and demure the fragrance is, i simply cannot withstand the thought of forking out $$$ on such a beauty, unless one is prepared to bath in it literally. Until there is a reformulation to make it last longer, i guess i won't be parting with my hard earned dough for her.

Available in 90ml and in refills at Escentials at Tangs Orchard and Paragon Shopping Centre.

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