Saturday, April 14, 2012

Haul and Reminiscence of an Addict: Evita Peroni Hair Accessories Part II

This is the second part and the final part of my Evita Peroni Hauling. It is insane and i do admit absolutely crazy as some of my friends commented to me, even my family members are shocked at a loss of words when they saw me laying out my stash on my bed. Whatever it is, i have no regrets about this haul, even though i have blown my makeup budget for the next 2 years just for these beauties (yeah, my BFF said that i have a LV bag worth of hair accessories to last me for life.)

Looking at my stash, i think i should have something for almost every occassion......

Without further ado and with a heavy heart, i present the part II of my crazy crazy Evita Peroni Hair Accessories Haul.....

 The Double combs in various materials and colours.

 A closer look.

 I can't help it but haul all 3 in different colour, the only one that i missed out is the one in yellowish green which i do not think it would complement my skin tone. Ideal for evening parties.

 The Sacha assorted bead floral double combs from the Autumn/ Winter 2011 collection.

The Marie double combs in steel gray and white pearls.

 The practical and glamorous Tami double combs, perfect for work and play.

 Rowenda fresh water pearl and bead floral double comb and hair stick- i will be gifting them to my sister who would be preparing for her wedding. : )

 This might go to my sister too if she likes it, i can imagine the pearls on her hair and marching in in her white gown - lovely!

 The multi-colored stones hair stick- yes, i have get it in 2 colors.

 Tribal inspired hair stick and double comb- you may not believe just like me when i first spotted them and didn't think much of it, but i was so wrong when i wore them on my hair, gorgeous!

The sharks and the clips- yes, i am a pink girl at heart although i don't look like one. Sharks and clips are very versatile in my opinion.  

 Ah! The hair clips, who would have thought that they can be so lovely.

 Maise Head bands in Black and White- something to add a little Oomph to a simple outfit.

I like this best, a little fairy tale like if you must ask. : )

 Rocker Chic, maybe? or Gothic?

 Best worn with a puffy hairdo, totally outstanding!

 Why stop at one when you can have the entire collection?

 These 2 hair clips stole my heart too, the flowers are handmade individually as such no 2 clips are alike.

The earrings- the accessories that Evita Peroni made are so chic and understated. They deserved to be mentioned. : )
I have been rotating between these 2 pairs of Bellis earrings lately. Can't help it since they going with almost everything and anything i own.

The Tabitha series.
These are reserved for special events, but of course i don't wear the whole set each time, its too OTT. Life deserves something dramatic every now and then, isn't it?

The hair twists.

Yes, gotta have them all.

This particular one speaks to me, it looks like leather but is actually not, very edgy.

This is from my previous haul- very lady like.

My entire collection of beauties.

Yes, yes i do realise i have enough to last me this lifetime. While i am a firm believer of "Quality over Quantity" (which i apply to almost all aspects of my life if i can), i totally embrace "Quality and Quanity" in this case.

Will i stray and cave in to temptations of more beautiful and gorgeous hair pieces..... i can't guarantee but not very much likely especially ever since Evita Peroni pulled out of our tiny shore.

I am still mourning for the loss of Evita Peroni, and treasure i will these beauties.

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