Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Paul & Joe Haul @ Isetan Scotts Singapore !!!

Paul & Joe is a rather well known Japanese brand that i rarely venture into their skincare and cosmetic line that is..... Since there is a promotion going on at Isetan recently, with the great deals available, the bargain hunter in me was aroused, and so...yes, i did a haul. : )

I am not too sure why, but it seems to me that there are quite a number of promotions going on for Paul & Joe- the recent great discount at Isetan Scotts 3rd floor whereby selected items such as nail polishes, lip liners, eye colors, cleansing milk, facial mist and their about to be discounted Dual powder foundation UV20 are on sale at unbelievable prices and now the promotion of S$38 off some of their bestsellers such as the Moisturizing serum, Moisturizing Mask, Treatment Peel-off Mask and Intensive Whitening Essence.

Well, since their mid to high-end priced products are made more affordable, i guess this is a great time to try out their products and not burn a big hole in my pocket.

And so, here are my hauls.......

The Haul group photo (left to right: Dual Powder Foundation UV20, Moisturizing Facial Mask, 2 bottles of Treatment Oil and Treatment Peel-off Mask)

Treatment Oil that is versatile to be used on the face, hand, body and hair : ) @ S$32 each

Moisturizing Facial Mask @ S$25 and Treatment Peel-off Mask @ S$28

Moisturizing Facial Mask and Treatment Peel-off Mask revealed

The Treatment Oil

Total Damage: S$157.00 for 5 products

I have only started to use the Treatment Oil last night, so more in depth reviews of the haul are to be done.

So long, for now. Stay tuned. : )

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