Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ghost of Christmas Past- Part II Givenchy and YSL

Okie, i confess... i have not been doing my blogging as regularly as i hope to... this is a post that should have been done straight after the Ghost of Christmas Past- Christian Dior Collectibles.
Apart from the major clearing and cleaning of my room (getting ready for Chinese New Year....last minute clean up irritates me to no end) and making New Year Resolutions and stuffs like that .......
Yep, i am pretty busy these few days and plus not feeling too well too....
Well, without further delay......i present the Ghost of Christmas Past- Part II.
YSL Bag Accessory 2007- Solid Perfume(Elle) and Lip GLoss (A Bright Fuschia Pink):

The Compact but flimsy packaging.

The locket-like YSL metal container, the one that is all gold holds the solid perfume while the one with pink YSL wording contains the lip gloss.

A Closer look at the accessory.

YSL Love Collection Lip Makeup Palette from 2008:

The Heart-shaped necklace with red Swarovski Crystals.

There is a lip brush hidden at the top of the heart.

The bright red lipstick and sheer white shimmer lip gloss.

Givenchy Pocket Beauty Case from 2008:

Accessory that is both a lip gloss and a cheek stain.

Neat cover that holds that treasure.

The pocket watch-like accessory.

The Pale pink lip gloss and cream blusher.
As i have mentioned previously in my other posts, i am a sucker for pretty packaging, which explains why i can't bear to use them all at once, but as a Good friend of mine always say, "Use them, or they will go bad anyway." I will work harder to make full use of them... will try....

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