Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fragrance Hauling 2013 Part II

Part II of the fragrance hauling......

This time round, I have gotten myself, 2 Angels, 1 Royalty and 1 Icon.... haha...

More review coming up.

Angel No.1 Thierry Mugler Angel EDT 40ml - unintentional purchase.

 The comet...... absolutely irresistible falcon, reminded me of "I wish upon a star......".

 The star within reach which rest on my palm.

 Angel No.2 Thierry Mugle Angel Aqua Chic 50ml - Another unintentional purchase, which would just mean that I need to stop doing "unintentional" purchases.

Look at the silver sparkles on the glass, they are firmly "stucked" to the bottle. 

Hoho...... I captured another star. More to come perhaps?

 The Royalty Amouage Jubilation XXV EDP 100ml - my biggest splurge yet.

 Look at the dignified pose.

 A card that lies on the bottom of the box.

 A Thank you note and the signature of the person who handpacked your bottle of fragrance. I wish the signature is in arabic (the regal feel would be stronger, but then of course I wouldn't be able to understand what's written on the card then).

 The Icon Miller Harris L'Air de Rien EDP 100ml - created for she who started the lemming for THAT bag around the world and had that bag named after her.

 Created by Lyn Harris for Jane Birkin, heard she was intensely involved in the creating of it.

Very intriguing scent indeed.

Total Damage: Burying my head under my pillow, denying committing crimes of "unintentional purchaes".

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