Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fragrance Quest II: Hunting for the Hard to find......

Yes, the quest for the hard-to-find and discontinued fragrances continues......

This time, i am rather well rewarded with my first hunt. I managed to hunt down the long discontuinued Yohji Yamamoto Yohji Homme. Of course, initially i wasn't meant to have it as it was reserved by the shop owner for somebody else.

As fate would have it, when i was about to leave the store empty handed, she called me back telling me that she has 1 last bottle of the precious liquid that i am looking for. Yes, 1 last bottle in the shop and it will not be in stock ever again, so maybe that is the very last bottle of Yohji Homme in Singapore, and yes, i went home poorer but excited about this rare find.

I did not leave the store with just 1 bottle, since i managed to snag Yohji Homme i went on to get a bottle of Gucci Rush which i heard is also discontinued and the few departmental stores i went to do not stock it anymore.

Really excited to wear these 2 rare finds, however i am in a dilemma too. If the 2 fragrances do not grow on me, well that's fine but if they turned out to be something i find myself reaching too more than i would like to, i would be in trouble......

Where am i supposed to find another bottle of Yohji Homme at a reasonable price ? (trust me, ebay is evil bay for some things). As for Gucci Rush, i guess i should still be able to snag a few bottles should i find it to be something i can't keep my hands off.

Well, reviews coming soon too (i hope).

                                     Left: Yohji Yamamoto Yohji Homme, Right: Gucci Rush.

                                               The much sought after Yohji Homme- 30ml.

 I guess the stocks is really old as it is a 1999 fragrance, so some words on the bottle simply flaked away.
                     Yohji Homme used to be available in 50ml (it would be housed in a white box).

                                                                    Gucci Rush-75ml EDT .

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