Monday, February 7, 2011

Fragrance of the Moment: YSL Parisienne EDP 2009

Parisienne was launched in 2009 and was done by the same perfumer who did the iconic Paris.

According to the official website, it consist of Damascus Rose, Violet, Peony, Cranberry, Patchouli, Vetiver, Musk and Sandalwood.

I am no expert in fragrances or perfumes, i am unable to detect things like... oh... that's the vetiver and yes that's the Damascus Rose.

What i can talk about is how i felt about the fragrance and whether it appeals to me (as we all know, fragrance choice is always a very personal choice).

First of all, I love the hefty and pretty crystal cut bottle, the gold magnetic cap at the top completed the look.
The pinkish violet fragrance sent the message that this is going to be a sweet feminine fragrance.
In terms of packaging, there is nothing to pick on, nothing that says "i am cutting cost here"(i guess no fragrance company would actually do that but if the quality of the fragrance is compromised because of the budget for packaging, i say- give me a uglier bottle)
Scent-wise, the first whiff of Parisienne is so fruity (the cranberry maybe) and yes it smells of rose . The combination of fruits and roses does not put me off as its not too overwhelming as i thought it would be (most rose fragrances doesn't sit too well with me).
Parisienne reminded me of Lóccitane's Eau des 4 Reines, except that Parisienne is more fruity (which could be due to the violet and rose in both, Parisienne has Peony and Cranberry whereas Eau des 4 Reines has Heliotrope and Cedar which makes it more woody perhaps).
Lasting power- This is an EDP so i would except its lasting power to be fairly strong but it is closer to that of a EDT.
I would think Parisienne would suit someone in her early to near mid 20s, someone who is girly, very in touch with her feminine side but not entirely grown up yet.
It is pleasant enough for day wear but not there yet for a YSL fragrance (i have Cinema and Elle too).
Like it enough to wear it now, but not forever...
Now, please excuse me, while i go revive my days as a teen......

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