Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review: ZA True White Day Protector

While i was continuing my quest for the ideal sunscreen or sunblock, i happened to stumble upon the ZA True White Day Protector when i was browsing through the racks in Watsons (drugstore).

Most of my friends thought that i am a skincare snob as i don't really purchase my skincare products from drugstores, that i would say is not entirely true and in some sense is a unfair statement about me.

It just happens that what suits me at times are products that were bought over departmental store counters and trust me, departmental stores in Singapore do have more sales than the local drugstores, plus after factoring all the discounts etc....what i paid for a certain product in the departmental store is very near what i would have paid for another similar product in the same category from a drugstore (of course, this is for some products only).

Now, what i look for in a product:
1. What i need- the product's function
2. List of ingredients- i try to select those that contains more plant-based ingredients (well, to look out for what i maybe allergic to).
3. Price of the product- that's for sure.
3. Reputation of the brand and Country of Origin- it matters to me especially since beauty industry is such a lucrative business, you never know what you are going to find in the jar of face cream that you are using (though a product made in Frxxxe might not necessarily mean it is way superior than another made in Chxxa, but its a peace of mind that i am paying extra for).

See? I am not entirely a skincare snob : )

Coming back to the Day Protector, since Watsons is having its 20% sale (on selected brands), i took this chance to try it, its super attractive to me as after discount it is only about S$10 for 35g. The Day Protector was made in Taiwan (which is my first skincare product made in Taiwan) but considering that ZA is under Japanese cosmetic giant Shiseido, i am quite alright with it.

ZA True White Day Protector SPF 26 PA++ UVA/UVB.

The toothpaste-like packaging of the sunscreen.

A close look at the dispenser.

In terms of packaging, i think the toothpaste-like with a narrow end dispenser is quite common for sunscreens in general, so i don't really have anything to dislike it (i mean its a personal preference), its quite sleek and it doesn't take up much space anywhere in my bag or my drawer. With the narrow end dispenser, its a breeze dispensing the appropriate amount each time i reach out for it every morning, the control to dispense is there for sure.

The lotion-like consistency of the Day Protector.

When i was using the Day Protector, i do not find any weird chemical smell that puts off people, nor do i detect a strong alcohol scent, so far so good. The consistency of the day protector resembles that of a lotion with thin to medium thickness which enables smooth and hassle free application of the product, it absorbs fairly well too. One thing to note is that, i do find the "bit by bit" application method doesn't work well for me here, i end up with white streaks or uneven whitish tones on my face. However, i do find that the "spread over palms and apply like moisturiser" method works well on me, ensuring a even application.

After application, my face is fairer temporarily which is mainly due to the whitening effect of the Day Protector (my face retains its original tone after washing off at the end of the day), there is no signs of stickiness or oiliness and there is a subtle pearly sheen (it might come in handy for people who wanted that extra something or a glow with/without makeup). I would think it suits gals with fairer skin better, largely because of the whitish tone that it leaves.

Although, the sunscreen has moisturising properties (as stated in the description below), i do feel that there is a need to do proper moisturising on my part as well (but a lighter version than usual).

After the application.

Product description (functions of the product).

Directions on the usage of the product.

I have been using the Day Protector for approximately 2 weeks, so far so good i am quite happy with it, there is no breakouts, no clogging of pores, even though i do not see any visible whitening effect (reduction of the appearance of visible melanin buildup) and the temporarily whitening effect is largely just comestic.

Will i buy another tube after this tube is gone?

If i am looking for something that will satisfy my basic needs of sunscreen (both UVA and UVB), with perks of it being a moisturiser and giving my face a subtle glow, and most importantly easy on the pocket, then perhaps yes.

On the otherhand, if i am seeking something that is more high-level fuction capabilities such as clinical proven skin whitening, higher protection and anti-aging, then my quest has not ended just as yet.

Ultimately, it boils down to each individual's needs.

Priced at S$13.50 for 35g or 1.2oz, available at major drugstores (Watsons). There is a ongoing 20% discount on selected brands till 9th February 2011.

List of Ingredients:

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  1. i am using the spf40 one, i think i will also write a review on this;);)
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