Friday, February 26, 2010

Clarins Skin TIme Appointment

I have tried denying this all my life and even having battles in my head over this simple statement that "I am a skincare junkie", but I AM ONE. I used to be a sucker for skincare products that claims to do this and that.. as long as there is a possibility that it might actually be the solution for my troubled skin.. i would just pull out my purse and shell out a pretty penny or two for it.

However the thing is, there is a tester available for people like you and me to test the prodcuct on a patch of our skin... a lovely well groomed sales lady to introduce the product and its function or maybe even other compilmenting products to you.. but something is lacking... somehow...

Now, Clarins sent out an email a while ago.. inviting people to make an appointment for a half an hour session with their skin experts, not the beauty talk that is conducted in a group but a one to one mini talk at the participating stores. Being the skincare junkie that i am, the next minute i know, my fingers are busy clicking onto their website booking an appointment with them.

The day finally arrived, I was attended by a friendly sales lady named Patsy, i think she is the supervisor of the branch that i made the appointment for. First of all, she asked if i am a current Clarins user and then she proceed to check on the database to find out what are the products that i am currently using.

Apart from the usual round of routine questions asked, like how i felt when i am using the product, do i feel comfortable about it and what are my concerns, she took extra care to make sure i use them all correctly and that she demonstrated by explaining and doing my entire skincare regime step by step on my face without me laying a single finger myself!

Step 1. Gentle Eye Makeup Remover to remove the shading powder i used for my eyebrows ( i didn't put on any makeup for this, except for my eyebrows, they must look prim and proper at all times.. haha). Patsy carefully placed the lotion soaked cotton pads over my eyes, pressing them one by one, showing me how it was removed.

Step 2. As i "complained" about my face feeling a bit tight after washing it at night, she finds out how i did my cleansing first before recommending that i use the Cleansing Milk with Gentian at night and demonstrated the "suction"method, followed by cleaning it off with water then the Toning Lotion with Iris.

Step 3. Next, for facial scrub, she showed me the corrected amount used for White Plus Renewing Gentle Exfoliator and proceed to use firm but gentle strokes to remove dead skincells on the surface. At this point, i asked her about the different masks available and was told that if i am using the white Plus Renewing Gentle Exfoliator, there is no need for the One-step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser as it is redundant.

*she did emphasize to me that i need to use the Shaping Face Lift everyday morning and night to see the significant change and demonstrated the Clarins Facial Massage Techniques with explanation. (As i told her, i can't see any change after using that, well i guess i am detoxing my skin with that......)

Step 4. After the thorough cleansing, my face is ready for some pampering.. the HydraQuench Cream Mask.. I never knew that i can actually apply it over the whole eye area as well as leave this mask on overnight so that its hydrating properties can be further enhanced in this way.. all i have to do is to spead a tissue flat on my face and absorb the excess while patting the rest into the skin. (in that situation, she cleaned it with water and then used lotion over it). Good tip on that : )

Step 5. Patsy took a step further and asked if i am continuing my shopping later on, she selected loose powder of my shade, blusher as well as eyebrow liner and put it on for me, she even asked if i would like to have some eye colors, which i politely declined.

After the whole session which lasted a good 1/2 hour, i "bombarded" her with a lot of questions like can i use this with that and what is this for.. what can that do, even things like can i use it with other brands... blah blah blah (idiotic sounding questions included).....and answered one by one patiently.

The hour skin time appointment went well over the allocated 1/2 hour, whereby a lot of explaining and demonstrations was done, it wasn't a sales talk entirely as i was not persuaded to buy anything at all. It was solely an effort to make sure that Clarins's customers know what they are buying, that the products they are using are suitable and the correct techniques are used. Customer retention at its best. Well, i am convinced at least for now......

Priced at S$0.00

Main Ingredients: Troublesome customer, patient sales lady, Priceless

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