Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Review: Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream

I am constantly suffering from the lack of sleep for quite a few reasons and thus dark eye circles became my good friends and sometimes even the eye bags come out to play... So, i am on this forever on-going quest for the potion or cream that can help to salvage this condition.

When Origins GinZing refreshing Eye Cream was launched in Singapore early this year, i was tempted to give it a try (i have been using Origins Eye Doctor for quite a while, which is moisturising enough for me, but helpless when it comes to my dark eye circles).

According to the product description, GinZing eye cream contains caffeine from coffee bean (which stimulates the enzymes to restore protective layer of the facial skin and the blood circulation around the eye area), Panax Ginseng (Red Ginseng), Magnolia extract and natural optic brighteners which refreshes tired eyes. It is also said that dark eye cirlces are instantly reduced and eye bags as well as puffiness around the eyes disappear with usage.

And so, i took the plunge and bought it at a sale....

Plastic jar screw cap packaging of the eye cream.

The slightly light pinkish orange cream.

Texture on the skin.

Like any other Origins product, the GinZing eye cream comes in a plastic jar with fuss free packaging. Much as i do not really like my skincare products to come in a jar whereby one has to dip her fingers in, it seems that majority of the eye creams in the market are packaged in that way. It would be nice if it comes in a tube form...... less chance for bacteria and germs to invade into your eye cream.
The slightly pinkish orange eye cream doesn't really have much of a scent, not anything that i can detect, which is good for those who prefer their skincare products fragrance- free(Eye Doctor on the other hand has a subtle minty sweet scent that i adore). Texture-wise the eye cream is a little creamy but it isn't oily at all when the eye cream is fully absorbed into the skin.
After test driving GinZing for approximately a month, i find that the eye cream doesn't really do much to eradicate my dark eye circles and eye bags (when they appeared). I would say upon application, the appearance of my dark eye circles does lighten visibly but that could be attributed to the natural optic brighteners the eye cream contains so, it more of like a eye brightener (in cosmetic sense). In terms of moisturising capabilities, GinZing is a little behind Eye Doctor.
I am a 1/4 through the jar, so i am planning to follow through and finish the entire jar, perhaps it would eliminate my dark eye circles as i wish it would (in the one month that i have tried).
Perhaps then, i will review my verdict on the final results.
Meanwhile, i am still sitting on the fence for this one, speaking of which i do miss my Eye Doctor (maybe it's time to get it at the next sale).

Priced at S$60.00 for 15ml, available at Selected Departmental Stores.

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