Saturday, June 12, 2010

Elizabeth Arden Warehouse Sale Haul

This is the first time i have hauled something from Elizabeth Arden, especially since it wasn't part of my hauling plan at all. When it comes to Elizabeth Arden, i always have this image deeply embedded in my mind - EA's products are meant for mature ladies. It could be largely due to my mom's frequently visit to the EA counter at OG... childhood memories.
However, having read promising reviews for EA's products such as the Eight hour cream and the White Glove series, thanks to Christy from Beaute Runway, i couldn't help but decided to drop by the sale venue since i am already at Suntec with my siblings for the IT fair.
There are quite a few perfume cofferts on sales, such as the Mediterranean Eau de Parfum sets (2 sets available- one with body lotion and the other with both the body wash and lotion), 5th Avenue set (with body lotion) and the Red Door Eau de Parfum set (with body lotion). I do not recall seeing any other fragrances on sale under the EA name, such as celebrities inspired fragrances (eg. Curious Britney Spears and Mariah Carey's) or any other. Nevertheless, they were a steal at almost 50% off the usual retail price for the sets sold in departmental stores.
Skincare-wise, there's only one Ceramide Gold Capsules Set and one White Glove Skin Brightening set and some other items from the White Glove range on sale. I wasn't putting too much hope in spotting the Eight Hour cream series or any of their Bestselling series there as they are doing well at the counters in departmental stores.
As for Makeup items, there are some Flawless Finish Mousse makeup, pressed powder, eye colors, lip glosses, lipsticks, cream blushers, bronzing powder and a makeup value set on sale, the colors are rather limited, so i skipped that totally.
A point to note, the manufacturing dates of most of the items on sale are in 2008 and some 2009. I would suggest using the products immediately or not within this year if you are really bent on trying some of the items.
I went home and did some research on their official website and turns out i was quite wrong on the idea that EA is for mature women only, the skincare line is rather diversified.
Elizabeth Arden's extensive skincare line includes:

1.PREVAGE- A collaboration of EA with a dermatological research company, Allergan for high performance anti-aging products which address the impact of oxidation, the main culprit of signs of skin aging. This is the line that they are promoting and advertising agressively.

2.Ceramide- A line that targets at plumping, firming , strengthening, retexturising and maintaining the skin's moisture.

3. Eight Hour Cream- A basic skincare range that aims to resolve dryness of skin and minor skin irritation.

4. INTERVENE- A pre-antiaging line that targets at women in their late 20s or early 30s who are being to see the signs of aging, such as dullness and dryness. Sounds more of a preventive anti-aging line to me.

5. Visible Difference- A rich formula that aims to protect skin with retaining and preventing moisture loss plus reducing of fine lines. I gather this is in general for gals with dry skin.

6. Millenium Skincare- An intensely moisturising line to revitalise skin for a firmer and more radiant look.

7. Perpetual Moisture 24- A hydration line that helps prevent moisture loss by infiltrating moisture deep beyond the skin's surface.

8. White Glove- A whitening range that aims to illuminate the skin from within, supposed to defend the skin from its enviromental pollution, control melanin production, lift and smoothen skin. I don't see this range listed anywhere on EA's homepage, this could very well be an Asian exclusive, i'm not too sure about it.

My haul of the day: The White Glove Whitening set and Eye cream

Total Damage: S$85.00

On sale at S$60 (set includes a full size UV Defense Lotion SPF 45, Deluxe travel size Returizing Lotion, Purifying Cleanser, and Balancing Toner)

Eye cream at S$25 (retail price: S$80 plus, i was told by the SA and yes its true)

Texture of the Eye cream seems slightly heavy but is actually light upon application.

Review of Eye cream 2 weeks later:
I have tried on the Eye cream for 2 weeks every day and night, i would say it sits comfortably on my eye area. A good deal if you ask me, as i would never forked out S$80 plus to "try" something that i am quite resistance against initially. I have not tried out the whitening set yet, will do so soon.
I am not promoting consumerism here, but if you can try something and discovering something that 1 day might become your HG stash at a fraction of the retail price, I see absolutely no wrong but all the rights here.
Hope my 2 cents worth are useful here.

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