Sunday, March 28, 2010

Review: Clarins Hydra-Matte Lotion for Combination Skin

Clarins Hydra-Matte Lotion for Combination Skin

It always irritate me to the core whenever my T-zone gives off an obscene shine during mid-day whenever i am not into one of those makeup days. The super duper oily shine will show through within the first few hours and yet some areas will appear rather dry.

So, what's a gal gotta do? I need something that is both hydrating and at the same time able to keep my T-zone matte. Being a existing user of Clarins, naturally i turn to the brand and was recommended the Hydra-Matte lotion as a day lotion.

"The Hydra-matte lotion is the ideal moisturiser for combination skin. A lightweight lotion that gently yet effectively ensures the moisture balance of the skin where needed, all while effectively reducing skin shine on the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin)."

Since most of the Clarins product worked well on me, so i took the plunge and bought the Hydra-matte lotion set which consist of 15ml of the Pore Minimizing Serum, 15ml of the Pure and Radiant mask and a full size bottle of Hydra-matte lotion, despite having read mixed reviews of the lotion on Cozycot and Makeup Alley.
The thing about Clarins products is that most of the them has the same scent.. how shall i put it.. the lightly scented expensive kind of smell that one would only associate with skincare products from European countries. I know that doesn't make much sense, well that's the best my nose can pick up. I don't hate it, it just smells fine to me, anyway the smell dissipated moments after the product is being absorbed.

Texture of the lotion (a little Milky)
Texture-wise, the slightly watery white milky lotion spreads easily across the palms and is easily absorbed into the skin with some light patting. My forehead appeared a wee shiny but that could be the excess lotion, once the lotion is fully absorbed, my face felt smooth and matte, no roughness or oily patches felt.
Skin remains matte after 1 hour of application and so on, until the 3rd hour whereby i can feel and managed to blot abit of oil on my forehead and checks. By mid-day (approximately 4~41/2
hours later), there is a thin layer of oil sheen on my face, not too bad after all.
One thing to note, i used the lotion together with the Pore minimizing serum for approximately a month. The serum does absolutely nothing at all to minimize my medium sized pores which is a disappointment for me, the lotion on the other end does perform its job of hydrating the skin and in the meanwhile keeping it oil-free. My only complaint is that i have rather high expectations for it- to have better shine control ability and for longer duration.
To date, i am halfway through the 50ml bottle.... the question is will i return for a 2nd bottle?
Not likely .....If i am paying full retail price for it and i do believe there are some other products that has the potential to perform the same job at a much more affordable price range.
Priced at S$57 for 50ml. ( It was a value set i got some time around Christmas, the 15ml Pore minimizing serum and Pink Radiant mask plus the 50ml lotion)
Main Ingredients: Extracts of Linden, Green Algae, Chrysin, Alphine Willow Herb, White Dead Nettle, Zinc, Vitamin B6 and Lantana.

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